Evansville Motocross/ Supercross Park L L C,  Rules:


Whether you are riding a Mini, or a Big bike/Quad.
Required gear includes a Helmet, Long sleeve shirt, Long pants, Goggles, Gloves, and Motocross boots.
We suggest that you also wear a Chest protector, Kidney belt, Knee pads or Knee braces and any other kind of protective gear.

1) All spectators must sign proper waiver prior to entering park. All riders must register and sign proper waivers prior to entering track area and riding.

2) Only registered rider/racer may ride. Mechanics, friends, or family members who have not registered or paid to ride, may not ride. 
You register and pay for the rider, not the motorcycle.

3) Intentional take outs or extremely ruff riding will not be tolerated.

4) Five (5) M.P.H. in pit area. (Idol speed only.)
No burn outs in pit area.

5) There is no riding of motorcycles in the starting area. No burn-outs behind the starting line.
(As of right now we do not have a burn-out area.)

6) No Pit Bikes, No Campfires and No Fireworks.

7) Riders and spectators must adhere to the instructions of track personnel at all times. Riders must also obey all displayed flags immediately. If you don't know what each flag means please ask.

8) Mechanics, friends and family members may not go beyond the designated mechanics area. Children are not allowed onto track area or mechanics area at any time.

9) Use of alcohol or controlled substances is prohibited. Suspicion of use, of these substances will result in an immediate ejection and possible suspension.

Parents are required to monitor their children and teach them these rules. If you do not want the staff to correct your child breaking any rules, you must accompany your child at all times to correct your child.

) Rider accident insurance is available to riders at there request / expense thru A.M.A.

See track owner for details.


12) There is a no tolerance with fighting between riders. Both riders will be ejected suspension.

13) No bikes running after 11:00pm and none started before 9:00am.

14) NO PIT vehicles allowed on track at any time

15) We RESERVE the right to refuse any entry into the facility 

16) We encourage every rider to walk the course or track before they ride it and know where the track goes and if there are any obstacles in the way to be observant of.




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